On Site Fueling

Fuel costs are an assumed operating expense, but many companies only look at their monthly fuel bill and try to figure out how to get drivers to…     (Read More)

Oil Analysis

Know how your equipment and lubricants perform through our expert oil analysis services.   We will help you save money and maintenance through testing, including:

  • Basic Oil Test Kit (BOT)

  • We test 20 Elements which include the wear metals, silicon and the oil additives. Includes Viscosity, (fuel, antifreeze and soot on diesel engines).

    Engines, Transmissions, Gear Boxes, Hydraulics, Industrial oils
    TBN and Oxidation on engines
    TAN on non Engines

  • Enhanced Testing w/particle count (BOP)
  • Including Particle count and ISO rating (4406:1999)
    Basic Oil Test Enhanced w/water by Karl Fisher (BOW)

    Water reported in ppm and TAN
    Basic Oil Industrial Package (BOI)

    Includes Particle count w/ISO rating and Water by Karl Fisher and TAN

Cost Savings Analysis

Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel and Lubricant additives, Alternative Fuel are some of the major elements of cost savings

Site Surveys

Site survey will provide detailed information on stored fuel quality and the compliance of your fuel tanks.

Our fuel tank surveys cover current fuel and oil storage regulations. Periodic testing and inspection is essential to minimise the risk of tank failure and associated leakages.

If you have not had an inspection recently it is likely that your tanks and management of the tanks are not compliant with the current regulations.

Includes, tank inspection, Ultrasonic NDT testing, Environmental risk assessment, Fuel testing

Personalized Account Management

Our Customer Service Representatives are always available to meet your needs. Whether setting up your account profile, issuing cards, or mapping fueling locations to your routes, we’re here for you!  Contact Customer Service at (602) 278-2693