We PROUDLY Introduce…..
Superior Chemistry. Superior Performance


PCMO’s = All Weights, API Certified, ILSAC GF-5 / GF-4, ZDDP additive for extended wear and emission system protection

European Full Synthetic FMX = Friction Modified for Extended Wear Protection, with advanced synthetic base stocks

Hydraulic Fluids= Protection and performance using severely hydro- treated, hi viscosity index base oils, advanced and rigorously tested additives

Tractor Hydraulic Fluids= Authenticated by Tractor Life:

Fluids endorsed by this mark meet and often exceed OEM credentials, providing you optimal protection against wear, rust, oxidation, brake chatter, extreme temperatures and, ultimately, premature equipment failure. Go to www.tractorlife.com.

View the Mag1 Limited Warranty Document

View the Pioneer’s Million Mile MAG 1 Presentation

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